What is Design-Build?
Design-build is a method of project delivery in which the design and construction aspects of a project are contracted by a single entity: the design-build contractor. This approach to building puts the contractor and the architect/designer on the same team. It is a superior alternative to the design-bid-build approach, where design and construction are split – separate entities, separate contract, separate work.

Advantages of Design-Build
Over the past 20 years, the use of design-build has soared in the United States, making it one of the most significant trends in design and construction today. The reasons for its popularity are simple: it reduces building costs due to increased efficiency, it speeds up the homebuilding process due to collaborative team management, and it offers you a more straightforward building experience due to there being just a single point of responsibility. For your benefit, The Village Builder uses this most effective building method for nearly all of their projects.