Home Remodeling

1. First, We Listen
2. We Draw the Plans
3. You Select the Details
4. We Execute the Plan
5. You Love Your Home for a Lifetime

First, We Listen
At the initial meeting, you, Chuck, and Peter will meet at your home to discuss exactly what you have in mind for your home remodel. To deliver results that suit your needs, we first need to understand what you’re looking for. This is an opportunity to hear your vision in great detail, while at the same time, looking over your home to explore the best ways to accomplish what you want.

We will offer our insights, ask you questions, discuss budgetary considerations, and provide a cost estimate of your home remodeling project. Assuming both parties feel positive about this meeting, we can move forward with the relationship and your plans. You will need to check with your bank to make sure the figure given is within your budget, interview the recommended architects and designers, and have an engineer conduct a structural analysis of your home.

We Draw the Plans
At this stage, you and your chosen architect or designer will meet several times at your home to flesh out a floorplan. Once these plans are nearly complete, the two of you will meet with Chuck and Peter to review, revise, and refine this floorplan. Everything you have discussed so far regarding your ideas, tastes, and priorities will come into play as we work together to craft you the perfect final plans!

You Select the Details
The next step is to finalize choices such as paint colors, flooring, finishes, tile, and product selections. This process is both fun and easy! You have complete control over all selections: your choices are limitless! We provide you with catalogs and a list of showrooms for you to visit for ideas and inspiration. Then we step back and let you take charge, all the while making ourselves available as a resource when questions arise or you need advice.

Once you’ve made your selections, we will meet again to review your choices and make sure they square with your budget. Selections will be revised as necessary, then calculated into the final price. At this point, we submit the plans, specifications, cost breakdown, and contract to your bank.

We Execute the Plan
By this stage, a clear plan is in place and you are free to sit back and relax with total peace of mind as our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen complete your home remodeling project. We gladly welcome your continued input. Your involvement at this stage is entirely optional, however. We will keep you apprised of developments at every stage as your remodel takes shape. In an effort to minimize unnecessary inconvenience on your way of life, you will be provided with a detailed timeline, clearly laying out the dates of key construction events. Additionally, home remodeling will not begin until all materials have arrived on site.

You Love Your Home for a Lifetime
This is where the true story begins. Once home remodeling is completed, you can look forward to a life of pleasurable living and pride of ownership and the same stellar service you’ve grown accustomed to will continue. We stand behind our work 100%. Our superior warranty covers the workmanship and building products used for one year. Our entire team shares a passion for client satisfaction. We are available to assist you for as long as you own your home – not only for warranty issues, but for advice and help on any topic about your home. You are not just a client, but a part of The Village Builder family. We look forward to a continuing relationship as you enjoy many happy years in your newly improved home!